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Always grab the right shade

Venus Diamond / Venus Pearl ONE Shade offers an extraordinary colour adaptation in one single shade. The restoration becomes invisible by blending into any surrounding dentition.

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This is your one-shade solution for everyday cases, independent of the patients’ tooth shade. Why so?

  • Incredible shade-matching properties.
  • Easy carving and sculpting with your consistency of choice.
  • High radiopacity to ease the diagnosis.
  • Exceptional strength to minimise chippings and fractures.
  • Over 10 years proven clinical experience.
  • Free of BPA-related monomers.

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Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl stand for ONE efficient and reliable solution independent of one-shading or aesthetic layering demands.

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ONE simple solution.

You always grab the right shade – because there is just ONE.

Venus Diamond ONE/Venus Pearl ONE blends seamlessly into the surrounding dentition, independent of the tooth shade, enabling restorations to simply disappear.
Venus Diamond / Venus Pearl ONE Shade adapts to any tooth shades from A1 to D4 for basic restorations, e. g. in the posterior region.

Image on the left: Occlusally filled cavity teeth A1-D4 with Venus Diamond/ Venus Pearl ONE.

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ONE efficient solution.

  • Handling and reliability are well-established through Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl.
  • Non-slump qualities for easy carving and sculpting.
  • Stable, minimally adhesive, with an extended working time.
  • Choose the consistency depending on the indication and your preference:

    > Venus Diamond: firm, low-stick consistency.
    > Venus Pearl: creamy, low-stick consistency.

Image on the right: Venus Diamond ONE /Venus Pearl ONE also has a high radiopacity, ensuring a reliable diagnosis (Source​: Kulzer R&D, Wehrheim, Germany).

ONE experienced solution.

Every day, dentists manage challenging cases with the help of Venus. In our series "Case of the Month", users introduce their challenges in direct restorations and present their solutions.
A patient shows up in the office with secondary caries on tooth 25 and 27.
Case by Dr. Edoardo Fossati ,Turin, Italy

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ONE reliable solution.

Expect the same enhanced mechanical properties as with Venus Diamond / Venus Pearl which have been confirmed successfully in various scientific studies worldwide over 10 years. The new product comes with our unique TCD-matrix and the optimised nano-hybrid filler system for long- lasting restorations and a minimised risk for chippings and fractures:

  • Exceptional flexural strength
  • Minimal shrinkage stress
  • Free of BPA-related monomers

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Adaptive light matching

ONE Shade determines the shade of the restoration by absorbing the lightwaves that are reflected by the surrounding tooth shade.

Thanks to the amazing adaptive light matching.

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