Spreading the ONExitement Spreading the ONExitement

Spreading the ONExitement

Every day, dentists manage challenging cases with the help of Charisma Diamond ONE Shade and Charisma Topaz One Shade. Check out what your colleagues say about the product and see the broad variety of cases already done by them.
You don’t believe it works before testing it yourself? No Problem! Grab your ONE Kit or request a product demo now.

ONE shade cases – great results around the world

Practices all over the world have tested and experienced the new incredible shade-matching properties of Charisma Diamond ONE and Charisma Topaz ONE. The new ONE Shade is ideal for basic posterior restorations. See the great results - from the practice for the practice:

Restoration of an entire quadrant using Charisma Diamond ONE.

Prof. Carlos Francci, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Simplified treatment using Charisma Diamond ONE in a basic posterior restoration.

Prof. Priscila Liporoni, Universidade do Vale do Paraíba, Brazil

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Replacement of small cavities by Charisma Diamond ONE.

Dr. Camila Centenaro, Florianópolis, Brazil

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Adaptation of Charisma Diamond ONE restorations to differently shaded teeth.

Dr. Jansen Ozaki, São Paulo, Brazil

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Restoration of medium-sized class II molar cavities using Charisma Diamond ONE.

Dr. André Marcelo Peruchi Minto, São Paulo, Brazil

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Before & After Cases

Life Hacks for successful posterior restorations

by Prof. Priscila Liporoni, Universidade do Vale do Paraíba, Brazil

Lifehack 1


  • Use sectional matrix systems and wedges.
  • Apply composite in incremental technique (2mm oblique layers).
  • Build one proximal wall at a time.

Picture of Lifehack 1 by Wolfgang-M. Boer, Euskirchen, Germany

Lifehack 2


  • Dark dentine: Apply opaque Charisma Diamond OD (Opaque Dark Dentin) as first layer and cover it using Charisma Diamond ONE.
  • Very dark dentine: Apply Charisma Diamond OB (Opaque Bleach) as a first layer, followed by second layer using Charisma Diamond OM (Opaque Medium Dentin). Finish the restoration by Charisma Diamond ONE.

Lifehack 3


  • Do occlusal adjustment using multilaminate burs (12 blades).
  • Polish with Charisma EasyShine – polishers with microfine diamond.

Colleagues Voices

Read about the experiences and assessments from other dentists.

See before and after cases

“The class II filling was completed in 24 minutes.”

Prof. Nicola Scotti, University of Turin, Italy

“Incredible shade adaptation…helps us a lot in the clinical day-to-day in restorations of posterior teeth…we do not need shade selection.”

Dr. Camila Centenaro, Florianopolis, Brazil

“ONE shade can really restore different tooth shades!”

Dr. Jansen Ozaki, São Paulo, Brazil

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